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Loyola Blakefield Shut Down Today Due to Racist Graffiti in Bathroom

Photo by Tbresch, via Wikimedia Commons

Hate speech, not Wednesday night’s snow, pushed administrators at Loyola Blakefield to call off classes today.

Baltimore Rock Opera Society Removing ‘$HAME 100’ Tag from Bell Foundry, Put There by Local Graffiti Artist

Remnants of the graffiti tag at the Bell Foundry on Friday morning.

For hours last night, Joe Martin, headquarters operations captain for the nonprofit Baltimore Rock Opera Society, stood on a ladder outside the Bell Foundry building in Station North, wielding a power washer borrowed from the Station North Tool Library. He was removing 15-foot high black spray paint from the exterior of the beleaguered artist space.

After ‘Trump 2016’ Vandalism, Curtis Bay Company Donates Replacement Sign to Ellicott City Farm Stand

The new sign. Courtesy Chris Merdon.
The new sign. Courtesy Chris Merdon.

Last week, Steven Strauss, owner of Sign Central, Inc., was saddened to hear of a politically motivated act of vandalism against one of his business’s clients. Within 24 hours of Donald Trump being elected president, someone had gone out to Carroll Farm-to-Table along Route 144 and spray-painted “Trump 2016” in crude red script on the stand and its sign out front.

Embarrassing Anti-Immigrant Graffiti on Potential Children’s Shelter

Photo by Jenna Johnson, via The Washington Post
Photo by Jenna Johnson, via The Washington Post

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America have crossed the border into the U.S. in recent months, many of them fleeing terrible situations back home. In many cases, they’ve received a warm welcome–even from Glenn Beck! And in other cases, they’ve been greeted with protests, hateful rhetoric, and now–misspelled anti-immigrant graffiti here in Baltimore.

Baltimore’s Best New Mural


Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 8.37.00 AM

Baltimore’s Open Walls project has brought muralists from as far as South Africa and Spain (though not very many women…) to decorate walls and facades all over Baltimore. One of my favorite so far is the brand new Love Letter Baltimore by Brooklyn painter Steve  Powers.

Can Artists Help Preserve Baltimore’s Arabbing Tradition?

Gaia's a-rab mural. Photo by M. Holden Warren, via Vandalog.com
Gaia’s a-rab mural. Photo by M. Holden Warren, via Vandalog.com

Baltimore’s a-rabs, who sell fresh fruit and vegetables from brightly painted horse-drawn carts, have long been on the decline — the Arabber Preservation Society was founded nearly 20 years ago. Current APS vice-president and filmmaker M. Holden Warren has devised a plan for their continued survival that utilizes the talents of well-known street artists to turn an a-rab stable into “a stop on the city’s cultural map.