Photo by Jenna Johnson, via The Washington Post
Photo by Jenna Johnson, via The Washington Post

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America have crossed the border into the U.S. in recent months, many of them fleeing terrible situations back home. In many cases, they’ve received a warm welcome–even from Glenn Beck! And in other cases, they’ve been greeted with protests, hateful rhetoric, and now–misspelled anti-immigrant graffiti here in Baltimore.

According to the Baltimore Sun, a vandal spraypainted a former Army Reserve Center with two anti-immigrant phrases:  NO ILLEAGLES HERE, NO UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS. Unless you believe that the culprit is really upset about disease-bearing raptors, presumably he or she was protesting against the fact that the Carroll County building had been under consideration as a temporary home for some of the children.

There’s a lot to be embarrassed about here. Firstly, the spelling; secondly, the fact that the graffiti appeared after the site had already been rejected as a potential shelter; and thirdly–and most importantly–because that kind of sentiment goes against the very principles that this country was founded on.

Or maybe this is what they meant to say? (h/t @darth for the joke…)


2 replies on “Embarrassing Anti-Immigrant Graffiti on Potential Children’s Shelter”

  1. I have a hard time with people’s reaction to immigrants being here, especially children when this country was built off immigration. Not to mention, if you’re going to tag a building at least spell correctly or make it clear you’re being ironic. And then the cherry on the whole thing is the “No Undocumentated Democrats,” I’m almost positive the children fleeing their country don’t label themselves as democrats or any other political party for that matter…just a thought

    1. It is unfortunate but people allow fear to control their lives.Furthermore, it is much easier for a lazy society to tag on to popular opinion… So one hater expresses his opinion about something and others tend to follow along without thinking their decision through.

      It is also my opinion that the “undocumented” reference is brought on by those who feel that “undocumented workers” are taking jobs away from unemployed legals… Which is clearly not the case. Most undocumented workers are taken advantage of and are paid low wages that no American would accept. So in reality, if not for undocumented workers, this jobs would be vacant.

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