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Grand Central nightclub to get new owners in early 2019

Photo by Ed Gunts

Grand Central, Baltimore’s largest LGBTQ-friendly nightclub and a fixture on Charles Street for the past 15 years, will change hands early in 2019, current owner Don Davis said.

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Ed Gunts’ popular Urban Landscape column this week disclosed that the owner of the gay-friendly Mt. Vernon bar Grand Central is exploring whether to put his 15,000-square-foot establishment up for sale. Given the timing of the news just one year after the Hippo nightclub closed down when its owner retired, as well as Grand central’s popularity and prime location, Ed’s reporting generated significant interest.

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Grand Central Controversy Alert!



Courtesy City That Breeds — Grand Central experienced some impromptu remodeling on Monday night, when the driver of a stolen car crashed in to its south-side wall. The driver also managed to smash into a truck carrying drums of white paint, splashing it all over the sidewalk and side of the building. Fortunately, no one was injured, but Baltimore did become a little more enlightened about something that the queer community may have already realized: Grand Central is kind of awful.

For those of us who have frequented Grand Central in the past, it’s hard to deny that this is a bar that aims to draw in a certain type of gay crowd. After spending a few weekends exploring the three different areas in this “entertainment complex” – The Pub, the Discotheque, and Sappho’s – you begin to notice a few things: