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The Associated Expands its Green Initiatives


In the wake of climate change, The Associated is doing its part to go “green.” From solar farms to green loans to reforestation, the organization is making a commitment to a more sustainable future.

“Climate change is real and is already affecting millions of people around the globe,” says Jakir Manela, Pearlstone’s chief executive officer.  “Just as many Jewish leaders stood up during the Civil Rights movement to push forward that critical progress for our country, so must we do so now.”

Pearlstone, an Associated agency, is at the forefront of these efforts.

Baltimore to See Trees Planted After All!


Okay, so we’ve accepted that the trees promised by the Grand Prix’s penniless — and since dismissed — Baltimore Racing Development company probably aren’t coming through (the ground). But we’re breathing easier to hear about the State Highway Administration’s upcoming efforts to plant a whopping 28,000 trees — plus, the additional plantings in store by another vital program, TreeBaltimore. In light of a new study by the U.S. Forest Service, revealing that 17 of 20 U.S. cities have lost tree cover, with Baltimore’s leafy loss among the worst of the bunch, we need good green news just now.