In the wake of climate change, The Associated is doing its part to go “green.” From solar farms to green loans to reforestation, the organization is making a commitment to a more sustainable future.

“Climate change is real and is already affecting millions of people around the globe,” says Jakir Manela, Pearlstone’s chief executive officer.  “Just as many Jewish leaders stood up during the Civil Rights movement to push forward that critical progress for our country, so must we do so now.”

Pearlstone, an Associated agency, is at the forefront of these efforts.

Promoting Energy Conservation

This year, Pearlstone, partnering with The Associated, will expand our successful green loan energy fund program by expanding it to all faith-based organizations. Previously limited to Jewish organizations – synagogues, Associated agencies and day schools – the new program will encourage increased energy efficiency in the community.

Since establishing the program in 2010, The Associated has issued more than $600,000 in green loans to 14 local Jewish institutions. Organizations such as Beth Tfiloh Congregation, Beth Israel Congregation, the JCC and the Talmudical Academy have used these loans to support energy conservation through lighting upgrades and renovations to heating and cooling systems, saving their organizations significant money each year. As a result, they have received significant savings  both in energy and dollars.

Qualifying organizations can now receive green project loans, up to $150,000, and repayable over five years.

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The Associated Contributors

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