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Suspect in Fatal Saturday Firebombing on Greenmount Avenue Turns Himself In

Photo via Baltimore Police

A man known across Baltimore as “Public Enemy No. 1” after this weekend has turned himself in after police say he threw two Molotov cocktails into a home in Johnston Square, killing two and injuring six.

Favorite House of Cards Location, ‘Freddy’s BBQ Joint’, For Sale



At least once an episode, Kevin Spacey’s duplicitous Frank Underwood character turns up for a solo meal at Freddy’s – a hole-in-the-wall rib joint where he is inevitably and mysteriously the only customer. Although many of House of Cards’ Baltimore locations are well known — the Underwood’s Georgetown townhouse in Bolton Hill, Zoe’s apartment on Preston Street, Tusk’s home in Roland Park — the exact location of Freddy’s Ribs has remained a mystery. Until now.

Recently spotted on real estate website Trulia, this location at 2601 Greenmount Avenue is, for sure, Freddy’s. And best of all, it’s for sale.

Cost of a rundown, two-story Baltimore rowhouse? $119,000. Owning a piece of television history? Priceless.


Be Free Floating: An Isolation Tank Wellness Center in West Baltimore



The Samadhi isolation tank at Be Free Floating

Courtesy Greenmount Avenue — “For my part, when I enter most intimately into what I call myself, I always stumble on some particular perception or other, of heat or cold, light or shade, love or hatred, pain or pleasure. I never catch myself at any time without a perception, and never can observe anything but the perception.”–David Hume, Treatise of Human Nature, 1739.

Planning to open July 4th, Be Free Floating is a new wellness destination in West Baltimore. Practitioners Twig Harper and Carly Ptak offer isolation tank services in a spa-like atmosphere at $50 an hour. They answered my questions about using isolation tanks and walked me through my first “float.”

Gentrification, Recycling, or Something Else? An Interview with Antero Pietila



courtesy Greenmount AvenueAntero Pietila worked his way across the Atlantic on a freighter from Finland in 1964. He joined The Baltimore Sun in 1969. He is the author of the Baltimore City Paper’s 2010 Best Book about Baltimore Not in My Neighborhood: The Story of How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City.

Greenmount Avenue: The area that comprises Station North was once an industrial area due to easy access to the Baltimore Belt Line. The building that is now known as the Copy Cat (1501 Guilford) was part of the Crown Cork and Seal Company, right? I know that the building that is now known as Area 405 (405 E. Oliver) manufactured air-dryers and foam rubber at different times in its history. Did these manufacturers have any role in the construction of the homes in Barclay below North Ave? Were these homes available for African-Americans and/or Jewish-Americans?

The New York Times Travels to Baltimore, Predictably Mentions Beehive Hairdos


The last time the New York Times travel section covered Baltimore, they portrayed the city as a Hon-tastic place full of “beehive hairdos and wacky museums.” Well, better than the Wire-retreads that the European travel sections tend to prefer, at least. But that was three years ago, which means our fair city is due for another travel treatment from the Gray Lady — and, hey, the one they just published this week isn’t half bad!

WYPR "Out of the Blocks" Debuts


We’ve heard the promos and seen the trailer and now we are waiting with bated breath for the first installment of “On the Blocks”, WYPR’s new series on The Signal, produced by WYPR’s Aaron Henkin.  

The website describes the program as “One hour of radio. One city block. Everybody’s story.” First up? 3300 Greenmount Avenue. 

But don’t let us sway you. See for yourself. Check out the video on the homepage, or just listen tonight at 7 p.m., tomorrow at 1 p.m.