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Glam&Go Hair Styling at the Gym


Glam and Go Hair Styling

catch of the day fish (2)Working out is supposed to make you look and feel good—and over the long term, it does. But those moments post-workout are certainly not glamorous ones. Your face is red and sweaty, and your hair is, well, “bad hair day” doesn’t even begin to explain the situation. But most of us have to squeeze in gym time as it is, and if you’ve got to rush off to work or a social engagement, you probably can’t afford to spend the rest of the day with gym hair. And that’s just what the folks at Glam&Go were thinking when they founded their amazing service. Basically, Glam&Go offers in-gym hair styling and blow outs. So you get professional, salon-quality hair with the convenience and speed you need after a drop in at the gym.

Bazaar’s First Ever Hair Art Workshop


Hair Art

 catch of the day fish (2)Who doesn’t love the idea of elegant, meticulously artful hairstyles? The term “hair art” or “hair jewelry” conjures images of Victorian princesses, or the elfin and hobbity maidens of Middle Earth with flowing locks entwined with ribbons, flowers, shells, gold threads, all of it. So naturally, when we heard that Bazaar (indisputably one of the city’s most unique shops) was offering a workshop focusing on hair art, we thought it sounded like an excellent opportunity to practice some medieval braiding techniques, or to spend an afternoon weaving daisy chain crowns. Not so. We should have known better—knowing Bazaar’s flair for, well, the bizarre. Sure, the workshop does teach some authentic techniques for creating authentic Victorian Hair Art—but it’s maybe not exactly what you’d expect.

Haute Blow Dry Heads to Harbor East


Courtesy Bmore Media – A new salon specializing in professional blow dries only is opening its second location in Harbor East mid-November and is eyeing Howard County for its third.

The Haute Blow Dry Bar doesn’t do haircuts. Clients come in for a 45-minute wash, scalp massage, and professional blow out. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Fabulousness from Up Dos for I Dos



If it’s true that little girls dream of their perfect wedding—the dress, the bouquet, the Prince Charming (or whoever)—then they’re likely also dreaming of their perfect wedding hairdo. If you’ve ever gushed over a friend or relative’s exquisite wedding photos, it was likely due in no small part to the hair. A truly fabulous wedding up ’do creates the illusion of effortless, natural beauty  (like those Art Nouveau portraits of women with impossibly long, thick, and sensually curling locks). But the vast majority of us don’t have hair that just naturally forms itself into French braid crowns entwined with flowers, which means that the next best thing is to get the look by being fully primped by true hair artists—those who specialize not just in beautiful hairdos, but in wedding hairdos. As in, “the day I’m going to remember for the rest of my life” hairdos. And who to turn to for such an occasion? Well, if you’re looking for amazing hair, perfect make-up, fabulous service that travels to you, and a ton of different artists to choose from, the local choice is—and sorry, but we love the name—Up Dos for I Dos.


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Award winning, on-site hair and makeup services for brides is our expertise. We travel to you! Few on-site bridal beauty services existed in Baltimore in 2004 when Ashley Riddle, founder, was seeking services for her own wedding. As a hairstylist and a bride, she recognized a need for on-site services, created the company, and worked as the only stylist. Today the company employs twenty-five professionals, operates studios in three states, markets its own product line, and receives numerous awards within the wedding industry. Bridal Hairstyles.  Updosforidos.com

Hot Air: Baltimore’s New Blow Dry Salon


Hot Air

catch of the day fish (2)We all have those days. Nothing feels fresh. Everything seems drab. And while you’re sure that at some point you consciously approved your haircut, you can’t seem to remember what made it seem special at the time. Your clothes hang limply on your shoulders, and the lighting (wherever you are) isn’t doing you any favors. Case of “the blahs” much? But a day like this needn’t cause one to rush out to the salon for a daring new cut. Why make a rash decision that will last for months based on a few hours of feeling un-fabulous? “Because,” we can hear you say, “because I need a change! I need a pick-me-up! I need sooooomething!” Roger that. And who’s come to your rescue? Hot Air: Baltimore’s new blow dry only salon.

“A Mullet from Hell”: Baltimore Stylist Resurrects Ancient Styles

Photos of ancient hairstyles by Janet Stephens via the Wall Street Journal
Photos of ancient hairstyles by Janet Stephens via the Wall Street Journal

File this under awesome-jobs-you-never-heard-of-until-today:  Janet Stephens is a hairdo archaeologist.

More than 10 years ago, Stephens (currently a stylist at Studio 921 Salon & Day Spa in the Inner Harbor) was admiring some Roman sculptures in the Walters Art Museum when the idea occurred to her:  she should try to recreate some of the coolest Roman hairstyles (coiled, braided buns) on 21st-century heads. Scholars have long insisted that the Romans used wigs to create the elaborate hairstyles they fancied, but Stephens found that with a little research and ingenuity, she was able to recreate the style herself.

Tips, Products, and Styles for Holiday Hair from Salon Method



With all of the holiday hullabaloo—that is, shopping, cooking, shopping, hosting, decorating, shopping, packing, wrapping, driving, and then shopping—getting your hair just so for the season (or a particular event) might not stand out as something that needs to be at the top of your To Do list. But we beg to differ. As anyone who’s ever made a well-timed salon appointment can tell you, that hour or so of enforced (and oh-so-welcome) relaxation can buy you some major energy reserves for later. After all, when you walk into a place, get your scalp massaged and your hair washed (like, really washed—by an expert), and then sit passively as you’re primped and made-over to perfection—you walk out both looking and feeling totally fresh and new. You’re ready to take on whatever challenges await you—and you’ll look great doing so. Which is why we’re recommending you give yourself the holiday gift of making an appointment (like, yesterday—they’re quite busy) at Salon Method in Ruxton.