If it’s true that little girls dream of their perfect wedding—the dress, the bouquet, the Prince Charming (or whoever)—then they’re likely also dreaming of their perfect wedding hairdo. If you’ve ever gushed over a friend or relative’s exquisite wedding photos, it was likely due in no small part to the hair. A truly fabulous wedding up ’do creates the illusion of effortless, natural beauty  (like those Art Nouveau portraits of women with impossibly long, thick, and sensually curling locks). But the vast majority of us don’t have hair that just naturally forms itself into French braid crowns entwined with flowers, which means that the next best thing is to get the look by being fully primped by true hair artists—those who specialize not just in beautiful hairdos, but in wedding hairdos. As in, “the day I’m going to remember for the rest of my life” hairdos. And who to turn to for such an occasion? Well, if you’re looking for amazing hair, perfect make-up, fabulous service that travels to you, and a ton of different artists to choose from, the local choice is—and sorry, but we love the name—Up Dos for I Dos.


With veils semi-on-the-outs, or at least nowhere near as full-coverage as they used to be, a bride’s hair has never been more front and center than it is today. Up Dos for I Dos can create show-stopping looks for the bride, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, and even flower girls. They offer a full range of services for both hair and make-up. For hair, there’s everything from simple blowout styling to up ‘dos, to hair extensions. For make-up, there’s traditional make-up (top professional brands, of course), airbrush makeup (available for all skin-tones), and even tattoo coverage—a service that’s becoming more and more in demand these days.


Of course, the photos don’t lie, and Up Dos’ work clearly speaks for itself, but in terms of brides being satisfied with the treatment and service they received on their special day? One bride, Laura, says, “There’s no word to describe the work that the ladies did other than truly perfect! I can’t imagine having used anyone else, and would recommend them without hesitation!” Need more proof than that? Schedule a trial, and see for yourself.


For more information about Up Dos for I Dos, visit www.updosforidos.com.