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The View From Halcyon Farm: It’s Barn Sale Time


Museums have a great word that they use when they are getting rid of unwanted pieces from their collections: deaccessioning. The spellcheck always flags it, but it is a real word! It means to sell an item from a collection. And that’s just what’s happening at Halcyon Farm over the weekend of June 27th and 28th.


Stiles is having a Barn Sale, and it’s going to be one for the ages, which actually scares us a little bit. Between years of collecting personally and for the decorating business, things have reached a tipping point, and only a barn could hold everything that is being sold!

The View from Halcyon: A Thanksgiving Table


We are shocked that it’s already Thanksgiving! Recently, we’ve been consumed with the re-opening of the Baltimore Museum of Art’s American Wing and 100th Anniversary Gala, which took place last weekend. The great main entrance on Art Museum Drive re-opens for public use on Sunday, November 23, so please come and see all of the hard work, new galleries and great art!


Here at Halcyon, Thanksgiving is all about the family. They are arriving from up and down the East Coast and we’re excited to see them. Thanksgiving Day is low-key and slow. The menu has been planned ahead and the shopping has been finished. The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home, with a small sitting room with a fireplace just off of it and a couple of comfortable chairs.

Art For Land’s Sake: Art and More


Sponsored Post Art for Land’s Sake, the annual fund raiser for the Valleys Planning Council, can always be counted on to showcase top local and national artists in a wide variety of mediums. This year’s event, hosted by Stiles Colwill at Halcyon Farm, offers an added bonus: a glimpse of the 122-acre historic horse farm and its newly restored barn. Colwill, the renowned interior designer and former Baltimore Museum of Art chairman, will display all of the show’s artwork from over 40 artists in the freshly rehabbed barn. Featuring oak floors, eight chandeliers and other custom features, the space was refurbished with parties in mind. Anticipation for a view of the barn is as high as anticipation for a view of the art!

Artists in the show include local favorites like photographer Katherine Dilworth, and painters Jean Merrick Maddux, Helen Hilliard and Iva Gillet, among others. All the artists donate thirty-five percent of sales to the Valleys Planning Council. “We are delighted to host this event,” says Mary Louise Foster, chair of the event. “It has always been exciting to plan, but the real pay-off for me is seeing local artists come together to support the preservation of land in Baltimore County.”

The Art for Land’s Sake Preview Party will be held Friday, September 30 from 5 – 9 p.m. at Halcyon Farm, 11245 Greenspring Avenue in Lutherville. Tickets are $125 and include cocktails, food, show admission and opening art sales. Contrary to previous reports, tickets may be purchased at the door so it’s not too late to plan to go. The show continues on Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4 p.m. Tickets for the show only are $5 and may be purchased at the door.

The Valleys Planning Council works to preserve the rural and historic nature of the Green Spring and Worthington Valleys. Established in 1962, the council has played an important role in crafting land use polices to control growth and increase land conservation in Baltimore County.