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School Garden Project Makes Hampden Neighbors Angry


acce garden

At the risk of weighing in on a situation I don’t have first-hand experience with, I’m going to go ahead and say that the Hampden residents opposing the garden project behind a nearby school are in the wrong here.

A Better Buzz: “Get Trashed” Cleans up/Drinks up Hampden

from left, coordinators Liz Carney, Bambi Chapin, and two volunteers

On Tuesday night, Kathy Flann, a Baltimore-based fiction writer, found herself in Roosevelt Park in Hampden, asking a gaggle of tough-looking, 20-something Hampdenite guys chilling at a picnic table if she could please pick up the trash beneath their feet. She felt apprehensive. She wondered if her question might seem condescending. After all, she and her co-ick-picker-uppers were working as part of “Get Trashed,” a volunteer community meeting/rotating social club that invites Hampden Community Council Facebook members and any and all residents in-the-know to scan for and scoop up residential litter, and later hit a trendy bar together.