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Ravens’ Genius Lineman John Urschel Quits Football, Protecting His Brain

Courtesy John Urschel/Twitter

At age 26, Ravens lineman John Urschel’s day of playing football are over.

NFL Pays Kennedy Krieger to Study Kids with Football Concussions



We’ve gone from a country obsessed with football (well, okay, we’re still that) to a place where parents are leery of letting their kids play in the pee-wee leagues. The reason? Fear of the brain damage that accrues after years of getting conked in the head.

Football fans out there should stay tuned, however; some of the research about the aftereffects of that you’ll surely see in the coming years will be thanks to our very own hometown team. No, not the Ravens (may their helmets stay on and their luck reverse!), but the Kennedy Krieger Institute, which just got a promise of $2 million for is work on youth concussions, brain trauma, and recover. The donor? Why, none other than the NFL, which is funding eight such research projects nationwide.

Concussions in Maryland Student Athletes: Looking for a Consistent Policy


High school student athletes have been hitting the football, field hockey and soccer fields for the last few weeks and that means a greater potential for head injuries at schools. The Maryland state school board formed last summer a task force to address how to treat head injuries as public awareness about the issue rises, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Last week a study reported that former NFL players die from Alzheimer’s Disease and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) at a greater rate than the general public. The Baltimore Sun has published today a lengthy piece about the different — and inconsistent — ways the public schools are working to prevent concussions.  Some schools conduct baseline testing, some do not, while others educate trainers and coaches, while others have no training at all.