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Move Closer to your Dream Home with Buying Into Baltimore



catch of the day fish (2)For most, owning one’s own home remains an essential part of the American Dream. And luckily, we live in a town where that can be relatively achievable. The city is full of gorgeous architecture, charming neighborhoods, and a huge variety of homes, from super chic condos to historic Victorian mansions. And since we love it here, we know that buying a home here is always a good idea. It’s not just a wise financial investment — home prices in Baltimore have remained quite stable throughout the last several years, rather than crashing like in so many parts of the country — it’s also a way to really invest in your city and your community, and to really put down roots. That’s why Live Baltimore offers the twice yearly Buying Into Baltimore event — to make it even easier and more appealing to do just that. The fall event is September 27, so we’re giving you plenty of time to save the date.

Buying Into Baltimore Homebuying Incentive Event


Live Baltimore

catch of the day fish (2)Thinking about buying a house here in Baltimore? Maybe. Interested in $4,000 to help you do it? We bet you are. Live Baltimore—the folks who do basically everything possible to encourage us to live, work, and play right here in the city—are offering one of their twice-yearly Homebuying Incentive Events in a couple of weeks. And this isn’t some kind of sit-down-in-a-stuffy-room-and-listen-to-droning-talks event. No, no. This is Baltimore, hon. Things here are fun, lively, and done our own way. At the event, potential homebuyers get to take a narrated bus tour of homes and neighborhoods (you can also drive your own car, if you’d prefer), you can also sit in on homebuying workshops, speak with trusted real estate professionals and community organizations, and get local perspectives from neighborhood associations and neighbors to help with your big decision. And mid-day you can take an outdoor lunch break at one of the great local food trucks that will be on-site.

Want to Live in the City? “Live Baltimore” Neighborhood Tours Show the Way


This month, Live Baltimore will host a series of free pop-up events to introduce potential homebuyers to untapped areas of the city while preparing them for the home-buying process. The casual gatherings lead up to Buying into Baltimore West on Saturday, May 12, an event to give homebuyers a chance to connect with neighborhood residents and see each neighborhood from a local’s point-of-view.