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Ben Carson Kicks Off First Day as HUD Secretary by Comparing Slaves to Immigrants

Still via HUD/Facebook Live

Our new secretary of housing and urban development had a rough first day on the job, earning ridicule from the black community, civil rights advocates and everyday people with a reasonable grasp of U.S. history for comparing modern African-Americans’ ancestors to “immigrants.”

Senate Officially Confirms Former Hopkins Neurosurgeon Ben Carson as Housing Secretary


It actually happened, folks: A retired doctor with zero public policy or management experience is now the nation’s secretary of housing and urban development.

Ben Carson Could be Our Next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Courtesy Fox News
Courtesy Fox News

In a whirlwind week, Ben Carson has gone from being put up for two Trump Cabinet positions to declining to work in the Cabinet at all to now being tapped to be the nation’s next housing secretary.

CityLab Explains Why Baltimore’s Housing Voucher Program Better Than Others



CityLab just published an article titled, “How Baltimore’s Housing Voucher Program Almost Gets It Right.” Despite the qualifier in the headline, the piece praises the city’s Housing Mobility Program for the positive impact its had and details the ways in which it stands out from the crowd.