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‘Black Hawk Down’ Ranger’s Wife Tori Eversmann Debuts Novel of Resilience, Friendship and Self-Discovery


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In many ways, Tori Eversmann’s debut novel, The Immortals, reflects her own life.  As the wife of retired First Sargent Matt Eversmann, whose story was told in the book and movie Black Hawk Down, Tori lived the unsettling and often lonely life of an army wife.  Her husband, young daughter and she were uprooted from Tori’s childhood home in Baltimore to live on an army base in upstate New York.  There, she discovered a world so foreign to her own, dictated by the unwritten rules of the military and shadowed by the post 9/11 threat of war.  It was also there, however, among a group of unfamiliar women and customs, that Tori learned so much about resilience, friendship, and most importantly, herself.

Tori Eversmann's book

Her story parallels the story of Calli Coleman, the protagonist in The Immortals.  Tori emphasizes, however, that The Immortals is a work of fiction.  By deviating from her own story, she was able to tell so much more.

Famous People Visit Johns Hopkins

Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's will speak and eat ice cream at Johns Hopkins on April 23
Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s will speak and eat ice cream at Johns Hopkins on April 23

Johns Hopkins just announced its 2013 Foreign Affairs Symposium, and — as always — it’s a doozy:  Stanley McChrystal (don’t ask him about that Rolling Stone article); L. Paul Bremer (ask him about his post-Iraq career as a painter); and Jerry Greenfield, founder of Ben & Jerry’s (ask him for some free Coffee Heath Bar Crunch pints and then send them my way), among others.

Johns Hopkins Performs Double Arm Transplant on Wounded Soldier



Okay, so it’s not quite as cool as growing a new ear on someone’s arm (like Johns Hopkins did last year), but this is still pretty impressive:  surgeons performed a rare double arm transplant on a soldier who lost both arms and legs in Iraq on Easter, 2009.