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In Baltimore, a new jury assembly room makes waiting more bearable

Photo by Ed Gunts

For many in Baltimore, serving jury duty is about as much fun as going to the dentist, thanks to long waits to be called and, more specifically, the crowded and sometimes noisy conditions in the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse’s waiting rooms.

But this year, officials are taking steps to make jury duty more bearable.

I Served on a Baltimore City Jury and I Don’t Feel That Great About It

The Clarence M. Mitchell Courthouse. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

At the beginning and end of each day, the judge implored us not to discuss the case with anyone. But when he finally dismissed us from the dusty climes of the Mitchell Courthouse back into our lives, he lifted the ban. In fact, he urged us to tell our friends, neighbors, and families what we had done, because we had performed an essential and noble duty of citizenship.

But what had we done, after all? Nothing to brag about, I’m afraid. 

That Time a Supreme Court Justice Had Jury Duty in Maryland



Last week, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts showed up in a Maryland courtroom… but not necessarily in the capacity you might expect.