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New Funding Could Help Digital Backlog in Maryland Child Abuse Cases


Digital Evidence

Sponsored Content: Smartphones have become a part of everyday life. For parents and children, they can be very helpful, allowing children to easily communicate with parents and let them know where they are at any given time. However, they can also be used to victimize children. Maryland State Police have been finding this as they make their way through a ten-month backlog of files that include digital evidence of child abuse.

Mayor Pugh Taps Senior Federal Appellate Judge to be Next City Solicitor

Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Senior Judge Andre Davis

A top federal appellate judge native to Baltimore is leaving his post and title of “honorable” behind to represent the Baltimore City government, Mayor Catherine Pugh announced Wednesday morning.

Sartorial Baltimoreal: Legal Ease


The phrase “lawyers who lunch” brings to mind pinstripe suits and depositions over the fast-food-catered conference table. But that’s not always the case. Father and son team Bob and Nolan Weltchek dress up only for the courtroom. During a typical workweek, they make time for lunch together, clad in classic denim. Their casual yet stylish look caught our eye, as did the senior partner pop’s long-ish hair…

Bob and Nolan Weltchek


Can we take your picture? You must be in the entertainment business? 

Actually we’re lawyers in the same firm.

But your hair is so long and hip for a lawyer!

I’ve worn it long since high school.

And your son here is so clean cut?

We have different styles. I’m more “shoot from the hip.”

My son is more by the book. Plus, I’m older!

Are your wardrobes are completely different? You both have great looks today.

I grew up in New Jersey. I have worked since I was 13 years old. By the time I became successful, I wanted to take a deep breath and smell the roses, and that included buying nice clothes!       

And Nolan?

He has great clothes. Just not as many as I do.

For example?

I may have 100 shirts and he might have 20.

But you worked long and hard for those shirts!

Nolan works hard too. He’s a partner at 28.

Lots of great shirts in his future!