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GRID Alternatives Brings Solar to Baltimore’s Underserved One Panel at a Time

Volunteers installed the solar panels on Fenwick's Baltimore row home. GRID supervisors have trained 368 solar volunteers in the Mid-Atlantic since 2014.
GRID’s supervisors trained solar volunteers at the Fenwick solar installation. Solar installers can average $24 per hour.

Genevieve Fenwick lives in a classic row home in Baltimore’s Belair-Edison neighborhood. Living on a fixed income, Fenwick said, “I’m the last person on earth you’d expect to have 12 solar panels powering my row home.”

But thanks to GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit bringing renewable energy to underserved communities, the solar panels on Fenwick’s roof will soon be turning sunlight into electricity. What’s more impressive is GRID’s workforce training model. Of the 77 GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic installations since 2014, over 368 people have been trained as solar installers.  A win for Genevieve Fenwick, the planet, and Maryland’s labor market.