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Jail Time for Baltimore’s Self-Styled Batman



Remember Mark Harvey? He’s the guy who “streaked” in a very DIY Batman costume at both Camden Yards and Ravens Stadium to protest bullying. (It didn’t necessarily make a lot of sense, but it was fun and topical.) Well, his brief stint as an amateur trespasser has earned him a prison sentence of 180 days, with all but four suspended.

Man Runs onto Field at Ravens Game to Raise Awareness About Bullying, Gets Tackled

Mark Harvey’s the one with the glasses.

Sure, I’m a fan of planking and tebowing, but when it comes to meaningless, low-tech human spectacle, I prefer good old-fashioned streaking. Fans at the Ravens game on Sunday got a dose of a clothed, caped version of the time-honored tradition. (The Sun‘s coverage of the incident called the man “semi-nude,” but “bare-chested” is more accurate.)