Man Runs onto Field at Ravens Game to Raise Awareness About Bullying, Gets Tackled

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Mark Harvey’s the one with the glasses.

Sure, I’m a fan of planking and tebowing, but when it comes to meaningless, low-tech human spectacle, I prefer good old-fashioned streaking. Fans at the Ravens game on Sunday got a dose of a clothed, caped version of the time-honored tradition. (The Sun‘s coverage of the incident called the man “semi-nude,” but “bare-chested” is more accurate.)

Mark Harvey dashed onto the field at Ravens Stadium near the end of the second quarter in what he considered a Batman costume, but which was in fact Batman shorts, sunglasses, a black baseball cap, and a cape. On his chest was written, “DON’T BE A BULLY. BE A SUPERHERO.” He was promoting his website,, through which he is ostensibly working to end bullying, but there’s nothing to do on the site besides buy t-shirts, wrist bands, and bumper stickers, 20 percent of the sales of which goes to an unnamed “bullying foundation.”

It’s hard to tell whether he was welcomed by the fans or not. They cheered as he danced and strutted around the field, and they cheered when he was tackled, handcuffed, and escorted out. Go figure.

According to the Sun, Harvey spent the night in jail and was charged Monday with “trespass, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.” The police report also says the streaking delayed the game. By three minutes? Seems like a stretch.

Watch Mark Harvey’s friend’s footage below. The “streaking” begins at 1:05

Watch aerial footage of the incident at Black Sports Online.

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