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Husbands: A Field Guide



On Day 3 of my daughter Jane’s tropical island vacation with another family, the parents announced their separation on Facebook. Jane took it in stride. She had seen worse. When she was a little girl, she would burst into tears at the slightest hint of angry voices, so terrorized was she by the scream-fest that was her own parents’ marriage in decline.  But I guess she got over it, because now she just cocks an eyebrow and sends judgmental text messages.

In fact, as the successful survivor of a broken home, Jane has become a reassuring presence, even a guru, for her friends with parents on the rocks. I just thank God mine split up years ago, she says, whether the father in question has relocated to the basement, failed to return from Belize, or has been “at work” for three weeks and counting. She offers in contrast her own post-divorce lifestyle — lovely weekends in the country with Dad, school days and summer plans managed by Mom, benevolent older siblings from the de-blended family residing near and far.

Her home was a lot more broken when we were together than since we split up.

What Is Love Anyway?



Love. Local writer Lucy Avalled recently redefined the four letter word when her serious boyfriend was sent to jail.

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love doesn’t make fun of me for my obsession with drag queens and lets me watch marathons of RuPaul’s “Drag Race” reality show without questioning my credibility as a grown-up. Love dismantles his drum set and moves it to the garage so that we can have space for my computer desk. Love is trying really, really hard not to cry in the courtroom as I watch him be escorted to jail.

This Week in Research: The Aphrodisiac Power of Double Dates



Gone on a double date recently? If you haven’t, it might be time to call up some friends to make plans:  according to new research out of the University of Maryland, married couples that hang out with other couples have stronger relationships — and are more attracted to their partners.

“We found that there was a number of benefits to having couple friends,” said Kathleen Holtz Deal, UMD associate professor. “One of them is people actually use their couple friends as a model to emulate and a model to say, ‘Let’s never do that.’ ”

Happy Valentine’s Day, but beware…


This video of an unfortunate marriage proposal was sent to us earlier today. Consider it a cautionary tale, and remember: If you’re planning to propose tonight, make sure you have a pretty good idea whether or not she’ll say yes.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Vote For Your Favorite Love Story and Help a Couple Win a Free Wedding, Hon



How’s this for romantic? Charm City Marriage is sponsoring a Facebook contest to giveaway a free Baltimore wedding to one couple of lucky lovebirds.

The winning couple — that is, the one with the the most Facebook likes — will be announced at La Cakerie in Towson on February 16 at 5 p.m.  The wedding will take place at a Charm City Marriage bridal show on April 21st at The Engineers Club in Mt. Vernon Square.

Wedding Invitation Trunk Show



The holidays are a popular time for wedding proposals, so it’s only fitting that wedding planning season shifts into gear soon after the new year. Green Spring Station stationery shop The Pleasure of Your Company kicks it off with a Wedding Invitation Trunk Show featuring the beautiful line Bella Figura, above, as well as Smock. Come to the store Feb. 8-9 — Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. — to enjoy the leading industry reps on site, mimosas, expert customer service and gift bags! Call (410) 821 6369 to reserve your spot.

Destination Wedding? Look No Further Than 30 Miles Down the Road to Annapolis

Fishbowl Weddding photo
The William Paca House & Garden. Photo by David Hartcorn Photography.

Sure, destination weddings can be incredibly romantic, festive and adventurous, but they can also be a big, boring challenge for bride, groom, and guests: planning from afar can complicate the process and take the pleasure out of an already stressful life experience.

But don’t give up the faraway dream just yet. You can actually arrange for the romance of a getaway wedding weekend without renewing your passport. You want waterfront? Quaint brick-lined streets? Eighteenth century mansions? Breathtaking water views? No, not Nantucket.  We mean Annapolis, our slightly better-looking cousin to the southeast, a million miles from the look and feel of urban Baltimore, but a mere 30 miles from the city.

This Week in Research: Chronic Itchiness and the Unmarried Poor

Artist Tim Phelps's rendition of the pain-versus-itch stimulants.  Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, 2012
Artist Tim Phelps’s rendition of the pain-versus-itch stimulants. Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, 2012

First off, congratulations are due to Johns Hopkins, which made it onto Futurity.org’s “Top 10 Stories of 2012” — twice. The university’s research on a toxic weed that might help cure cancer was the sciencey site’s second most-read story of the year, and “How much vitamin D is too much?” ranked fourth.

But that’s old news! This week, we’re excited (and, to be honest, a little itchy) to read that neuroscientists at Hopkins have discovered itch-specific nerve cells in mice. These are receptors that register itch but not pain — a crucial difference, and one that can get scrambled in people who have chronic itchiness. (Think that doesn’t sound all that bad, as diseases go? I dare you to read this New Yorker story about a woman with chronic itch — who scratched through her scalp to her brain!)

Couple Gets Married at Honfest


Angie Gentile, a yoga instructor and Andy Snair, a commercial artist, got married in Hampden during Honfest on Saturday.  The couple tied the knot at Yoga Village in Clipper Mill and then celebrated at Grano on Chestnut Street.  The couple and bridal party then made their way through the crowd to the newlywed’s house on Hickory Street, drawing attention and good wishes from the Honfest revelers.

See the pictures at The Baltimore Sun


The Man-Woman Thing


University of Baltimore Asst. Prof. and Bohemian Rhapsody Columnist Marion Winik meditates on men she has loved and the value of sexual chemistry.

Though most of us grew up thinking we’d find true love and mate for life, many didn’t make it very far. Some picked the wrong person in the first place. Some had relationship ADD. Others were cheated on, widowed, or hounded out the door. Some joined cults, some drank, some gambled, some changed beyond recognition upon becoming parents.

Still, I know a fair number of people who are floating like swans toward their 30th anniversaries. One of these, an old college friend, came from Texas last month to check on my health situation (much better now, thank you). When I met Miss E—, I was straight outta Jersey, a 1970s Snooki on her way to whatever trouble was available in the Ivy League. Miss E— was a private school girl from Dallas, on her way to a life of spirituality and service. She was in both my Hinduism and Russian history classes, and we were fascinated by each other, having previously encountered such specimens only in books.

By the late 1980s, both Miss E— and I were raising families in Austin. She had married a guy I didn’t click with very well. I imagined their relationship involved a lot of praying and volunteering at the soup kitchen. One day when our kids were small, she was recounting some mildly annoying thing he had done and I burst out, “How do you put up with him?”

Miss E— was quiet for a moment and then she said, looking down, “It’s the man-woman thing.”