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73,000 Jilted Marylanders Get to Keep Their Health Plans, for Now



Because, well, what else can possibly be done to save face, the 73,000 Marylander’s whose health insurance plans were canceled — due to coverage requirements under Obamacare — will get to keep those plans after all, er, for now. Through 2014, anyway. You just have to make sure that you renew your plan before 2014 to be grandfathered in.

Bad News: Maryland Obamacare Website Still Slow; Good News: It Doesn’t Matter




The website for the Maryland Health Exchange, where the state’s previously uninsured can sign up for health plans under Obamacare, is still slow. And it’s not just what-is-this-1998 slow. We’re talking this-site-is-now-literally-unusable slow.

The group said they saw web traffic of 1,000 hits a minute at some points on Tuesday— the day the site launched — and that has left many unable to create accounts even as of Wednesday night. Well, I guess they did a bang-up job promoting it.

Apparently, Maryland’s Rep. Andy Harris experienced the Internet logjam firsthand and dubbed it a “bad omen” for Obamacare. If you ask me, having a Congressman who attributes value to omens is a bad omen.