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The Maryland Zoo’s Newest Baby Animal


I can’t restrain myself any more — you might want to plug your ears — EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Phew, got it out of my system. But high-pitched squeals are really the only appropriate response to the photos of a days-old African pygmy goat, the Maryland Zoo’s newest resident.

Little Lana’s birth on June 10 was a victory of sorts for the zoo, who brought her parents (Lex and Lois) to the zoo in December in hopes that they’d breed. “It became apparent a few weeks ago that breeding had been successful, and we have been preparing the barn for this new arrival. Sunday morning keepers found the kid newly born and resting with her mother,” said Mike McClure, the zoo’s general curator. Lana, Lois’ first kid, weighed an adorable three pounds at birth, and started tottering around only an hour after she was born.

If you want to take a peek at Lana before she gets big — well, bigger; she is a pygmy goat, after all — stop by the zoo’s farmyard area, next to the sheep. Lana likes to curl up behind the exhibit’s water bowl. “For now, visitors will need to look carefully for a little furry black baby with white ears, but as she grows she will become very active,” McClure advises.

See the first home movies of Lana below:

March (and April) of the Penguins


To promote the upcoming nature show Frozen Planet, Discovery Channel’s website is hosting a live 24-hour penguin cam throughout March and April where you can watch emperors, kings, Adelies, gentoos, and macaronis just sort of hang out in captivity.

It’s not what I would call “exciting,” but somehow I can’t stop watching this thing. Mostly, the adults just stand there. The young ones run around looking as if they haven’t given up on flying, waiting for a lift-off that will never come. Pretty tragicomic, really. Sometimes, a penguin waddles right up to the camera — what a thrill! The only thing missing from the broadcast is a Big Brother-style voice-over (“3:11 pm. Tuxedo has waddled away. Flippy confides in Oreo…”)

The Penguin Cam broadcasts from Sea World San Diego, but if watching it inspires you to get your penguin on locally, you could check out the Maryland zoo’s African penguins (a species not featured in the Cam), and for a price, you can even have breakfast with them.