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Join Tripster for a Sleepover Party with Penguins! Register Today, This One’s Going Fast!



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Have you ever wondered what goes on at The Maryland Zoo at night? Find out! We are going where the wild things snore and spending the night in the new African Penguin Exhibit!

The Maryland Zoo is thrilled to have completed its new state-of-the-art exhibit. This exciting penguin habitat, called Penguin Coast, provides an enhanced natural environment designed to reflect the South African home of these unique coastal birds. Among other enhancements, this new exhibit space will allow us to get closer than ever to this amazing and endangered species. 

The evening start on Saturday, November 22nd at 6:00 PM. We’ll tour the Zoo from a whole new perspective, visit natural habitats and look for nocturnal creatures, explore animal senses through participatory games, listen to camp light stories and songs, hang out with old friends and make some new ones! On Sunday morning, we’ll have a light breakfast and depart by 9:30 AM. The price includes admission to the Zoo on Sunday, so you are welcome to stay and continue your adventure!

Price includes dinner, snacks, a light breakfast, games, activities and admission to the Zoo on Sunday, November 23rd. 

What do you need to bring? Suggested items to bring include your sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, warm clothing, folding chair, cup or water bottle, personal care items, camera, and your sense of adventure! 

Parents and guardians are welcome to join their kids. However, this event will be chaperoned and well-supervised by Tripster staff members. 


6:00 PM Saturday-9:30 AM Sunday





Maryland Zoo Euthanizes 17-Year-Old Giraffe, Angel



Angel, via Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Angel, via Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

The Maryland Zoo’s Angel has joined her heavenly counterparts. Zoo officials euthanized the much-loved giraffe Tuesday after chronic pain issues became too much for the 17-year-old to bear.

$40 Period Days at the Maryland Zoo


40 Period Days

catch of the day fish (2)Summer is often full of family vacation days. But day trip after day trip can add up with the costs of gas, admission fees, parking, and the requisite chicken fingers and sodas and deep fried Oreos for everyone. Looking for a great day out for the whole family that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Druid Hill Park and the Maryland Zoo’s “$40 Period” Days. This special promotion runs all month and means that any Monday or Tuesday in August, a family of four (two adults and two kids) gets into the zoo for only $40 (a $64 value). It’s a deal (and an activity) that should have the whole gang roaring with excitement.

Breakfast With the Animals at the Maryland Zoo


Breakfast Africa

catch of the day fish (2)When someone mentions that they’ll be down at the watering hole, you don’t generally assume it’s for breakfast. And you don’t generally assume that it’s an actual, literal watering hole. But the folks at the Maryland Zoo are real experts at getting us up close and personal with our fellow animals, and so toward that end they’re inviting you to August’s Breakfast with the Animals—at the zoo’s own African Watering Hole (you know, where the animals get their actual water). Join them early in the morning, before the zoo opens for an exclusive VIP experience dining al fresco face to face with rhinos, ostrich and zebras as they feast on their morning meal themselves. Of course, your menu will be somewhat different than theirs—probably heavier on the French toast and lighter on the shrubbery. But probably that’s best for everyone.

Lion Cubs on Display at the Maryland Zoo


Lions 23 - Cubs 10 (25 wks) Luke, Leia, and Zuri

catch of the day fish (2)The Maryland Zoo is always a great place to bring the family, but more so now than ever. After all, how often does your entire family get to meet an entire animal family? In this case, the animal family in question is a pride of lions. The zoo’s three adorable lion cubs are growing up right before our eyes. In the past couple of months, Luke, Leia and Zuri have become confident enough cats to regularly spend time on exhibit. That means you can catch a glimpse most days of the week as they play, run, and hide (adorably) from the neighboring giraffes (really).

Mary Sue Candies Bunny BonanZoo



catch of the day fish (2)Oh, come on. You’ve never heard of a BonanZoo before? But it’s one of the most egg-citing events of the year! Egg-rybody is going to be there! So you should plan to get there eggs-tra early! Okay. Sorry. But how many times a year do we get carte blanche to let loose with as many egg puns as we can think of? That may not be an official Easter tradition (like Peeps) but it’s certainly something we look forward to this time of year. But in all seriousness, we do highly recommend the Bunny BonanZoo on Easter Weekend. It’s a great way to get outdoors and celebrate Easter with animals beyond just chicks and rabbits.

Sex at the Zoo


Sex at the Zoo

catch of the day fish (2)Okay. We officially declare Sex at the Zoo a Valentines Day tradition. Call us old fashioned, but like the old song says, “birds do it, bees do it—even educated fleas do it.” And yeah, when they sing it, they’re talking about falling in love. But there are some other things implicated too, wouldn’t you say? As the folks at the zoo put it: “The conversation is guaranteed to be wild at the annual event that divulges the secrets, scandals and shockingly true facts about animal courtship.” Whether or not your own love life involves that much drama, we’re sure you’ll get a kick (or your kicks) out of all the drama (and passion!) of Sex at the Zoo.

Time for the ZooBoo!

Lions 15 Cubs 1
No, you can’t see these guys at the ZooBoo– they’re still too young. But who doesn’t want to look at pictures of the Zoo’s newborn lion cubs?

catch of the day fish (2)What’s more fun than a bunch of humans dressed up as animals? A bunch of humans dressed up as animals surrounded by real animals! Are you with me? Well, 30 years of ZooBoo attendees can’t be wrong. This weekend, swing by the Maryland Zoo with your favorite trick-or-treater for a “frightfully fun and wildly spooktacular” time. There’s free trick-or-treating (naturally), carnival games, crafts, a hay maze, live entertainment, food and more! There’s a costume contest for kids of course, but be careful: one of the categories is “best animal”—and if your kid’s costume is too good, you may just lose your little one in the zebra herd. You never know.

Maryland Zoo Bids Goodbye to a Beloved Polar Bear



This week, the Maryland Zoo bid goodbye to Alaska the polar bear, one of the zoo’s most-beloved residents — and an animal with a Hollywood-ready life featuring evil zookeepers, valiant vets, and polar bear sign language. Seriously, someone should option this:

Meet Baltimore’s Newest Baby Animal


To find Sparrow, the addra gazelle who’s the Maryland Zoo’s newest addition, head toward the African Watering Hole exhibit, keeping your eye out for spindly legs and baby-sized horns. (And don’t get distracted by the rhino, ostrich, or zebra who live nearby.)