Brewer’s Art Has a New Zoo Brew

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penguinpilsA pair of much-loved Baltimore enjoyment providers are celebrating anniversaries this year, so they figured they would team up.

The result of the collaboration between the Maryland Zoo and Brewer’s Art is a new beer. Penguin Pils is set to debut Wednesday at Brewer’s Art in Mt. Vernon at 6 p.m. We hear an African penguin will be onhand to perform the tapping duties.

The beer sounds like it’s well-timed for summer, with the relatively low alcohol-by-volume (4.5 percent) and refreshing feel that’s ideal for drinking outside on hot days. It’s set to start appearing on May 12, and all sales will benefit the Zoo’s African penguin program.

In case you were wondering about the anniversaries: It’s the Zoo’s 140th and the 20th for Brewer’s Art.


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