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Baltimore Beauty Spot: Hot to Grow Long Lashes Like Snuffleupagus


Baltimore Fishbowl’s senior editor investigates cheaper, easier, more effective ways to beautify locally.

Who else falls for new mascara lines based on colorful packaging and impossible-promise name? In (genetically-inherited) possession of puny eyelashes myself, I’ve tried Lash Out, Lash Blast, Great Lash, Stiletto, Scandal Eyes, Full ‘n’ Soft, Curl Up and Dye, Lancome Hypnose (best of the bunch), and more. Despite the charming neon tubes and heroic names, all make my eyes feel sticky and dry after four hours, and mark tired-looking tracks on my face by afternoon. But I show up bolder with a little more lash-y definition — don’t we all*? What to do?