Baltimore Fishbowl’s senior editor investigates cheaper, easier, more effective ways to beautify locally.

Who else falls for new mascara lines based on colorful packaging and impossible-promise name? In (genetically-inherited) possession of puny eyelashes myself, I’ve tried Lash Out, Lash Blast, Great Lash, Stiletto, Scandal Eyes, Full ‘n’ Soft, Curl Up and Dye, Lancome Hypnose (best of the bunch), and more. Despite the charming neon tubes and heroic names, all make my eyes feel sticky and dry after four hours, and mark tired-looking tracks on my face by afternoon. But I show up bolder with a little more lash-y definition — don’t we all*? What to do?

Of course, there are oodles of eyelash therapies out there that claim they can thicken your lookers in 16 weeks or less. A stylish friend sprang for the Brooke-Shields-advertised Latisse (at $90, cheaper than many competitors) but wasn’t thrilled with the dermatologist-visit-required process or the extra-involved application. Then the same pal tipped me to the fact that Kiss N’ Makeup in Hampden sells a product called Grandelash that claims to start to strengthen and fatten your lashes in only four weeks’ time (eyebrows, too, if you like, but I’ll pass). According to the product’s website, Grandelash’s recipe base equals natural stuff like vitamins, peptides and amino acids and is Paraben-free. Not only that: A straight-shooting friend of my Latisse-dabbling friend has recently begun this simpler therapy, which costs $59.95, and tags it an early success.

I asked super-cool store owner Debra Stoll whether she’s tried Grandelash herself. Indeed, she has. Debra said: “What I tell people: ‘I finally reached drag queen status with these lashes!’ Also, someone told me I looked like Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.” That’s a big compliment, by the way!

Forget Brooke Shields, I want batters like Snuffy’s; moreover, I mean to find a friendlier fix than mascara — therefore, I plan to try Grandelash for myself and report back soon. If you’ve given it a try, please do let me know your POV. (*See linked video to meet an adorable man who’s had lashy luck with the treatment.)

Kiss N’ Makeup 827 W. 36th Street (410) 467-5477