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Proprietor: Lauren McQuaid of Granite Garage Floors

Lauren McQuaid Owner / Principal

When you’re in your garage, do you ever look down and cringe at the cold, dirty, ugly floor beneath your feet? Lauren McQuaid, of Baltimore’s Granite Garage Floors, wants to make that downward gaze a less painful experience.

Granite Garage Floors outfits garage floors with high quality epoxy coating systems that make ordinary garage flooring look – and last – like granite. The floors are easy to clean, durable, and look great, making them both popular and smart.

Baltimore Beauty Spot: Hot to Grow Long Lashes Like Snuffleupagus


Baltimore Fishbowl’s senior editor investigates cheaper, easier, more effective ways to beautify locally.

Who else falls for new mascara lines based on colorful packaging and impossible-promise name? In (genetically-inherited) possession of puny eyelashes myself, I’ve tried Lash Out, Lash Blast, Great Lash, Stiletto, Scandal Eyes, Full ‘n’ Soft, Curl Up and Dye, Lancome Hypnose (best of the bunch), and more. Despite the charming neon tubes and heroic names, all make my eyes feel sticky and dry after four hours, and mark tired-looking tracks on my face by afternoon. But I show up bolder with a little more lash-y definition — don’t we all*? What to do?

Changes at Baltimore Fishbowl


About nine months ago, we launched BFB, armed with little more than an abundance of enthusiasm and ideas, a good writing staff and some seed money. Now, we have a loyal audience and our growth exceeds our expectations.

Because you have responded every step of the way (btw, we’re just a hair away from reaching our year-one traffic goal of 60,000 hits a month — and it’s only been 36 weeks!) we’re assessing and rerouting our course.

On Monday, you’ll notice some exciting changes at Baltimore Fishbowl.

All our columns — Bohemian Rhapsody, Hot House, Sartorial Baltimoreal and more — will be accessible from the homepage. We want to share your comments as they happen so they will land on the homepage, too. Our events calendar becomes more visible, too.

We’ve been pleased and surprised at the interest in real estate — so we’ll be adding products to enhance house hunting on our site. We’re also bringing on an ad sales force to meet the demand for more and better ad space.

In the near future, look for even more content on the site — plus, we will continue to increase content in the months ahead.

We love what we’re doing — mixing the serious news and the silly, trying to see the humor in life and figuring things out along the way — but please keep telling us what you’d like to read more of, and where we can improve. We are here to build an engaging, entertaining online community with you and for you — and for ourselves! We can’t promise we’ll take all of your suggestions, but we can promise we’ll take them all seriously — unless, of course, you ask for gratuitous swear words and gross scatological humor, that’s just not our style. We will however aim to post more photos of Lindsay Lohan’s worst plastic surgery decisions, if at all possible. Much love, the Eds.

Did Our Mayor Get a Makeover?


The teenagers I worked with last summer had some definite opinions about Baltimore’s mayor — only, they were mostly about the way she looks. I remember one particularly heated discussion:  “What is with her hair?” J. scoffed. “I know. Can’t she afford to get it fixed?” M replied.

It’s true (if sad) that politicians — especially, it seems, female politicians — often have their appearances picked apart and obsessed over. Combine this with the culture wars over black women’s hair, and you’ve got a tricky situation for women in the public eye. If they’re perceived as spending too much money/time on their looks, they’re vain or wasteful. Not enough, and they’re sniped at for not properly representing the city.  Earlier this year, Councilman Robert Curran said as much to the Baltimore Sun:  “To be a good leader, you have to look good, too. I hate to say it, but that’s part of leadership. I don’t think [Rawlings-Blake] would be the leader she is today if she hadn’t gotten in control of her weight. She was able to take command of her own physicality, and then show she could take command of the city.”

So no surprise that now that Rawlings-Blake has officially announced her reelection bid, she seems to have revamped her look as well. Will her mayoral makeover serve her well in the upcoming campaign, or are these surface changes a distraction from the real substantive issues we should be thinking about? Does it matter what the mayor looks like?