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Baltimore Community Mediation Center Works to End Conflict in a Divided City


Sometimes an event prompts you to look at your life and goals through new eyes. In the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death, Shantay Guy found herself driving with her son through an intersection near Druid Hill Park during a heated conflict between police and youth. At one point, an object hit the side of her truck.

“A flurry of emotions enveloped me—fear, anger, frustration,” recalls Guy, who grew up not far from where Gray lived. Her reaction quickly turned to understanding. While an active volunteer, Guy, then a technology project manager for T. Rowe Price, realized she wasn’t doing enough to help heal the deep divides in her city.

Baltimore Ceasefire Returns, Appealing for Non-Violence and Human Connection

Image via Baltimore Ceasefire

While the slogan of Baltimore Ceasefire is fairly direct – “Nobody Kill Anybody” – there’s far more to a coordinated non-violence campaign than statistics, says Baltimore Ceasefire co-organizer, Erickka Bridgeford.