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New Behavioral Health Center Opens at Harbor Hospital in Cherry Hill

Courtesy MedStar Harbor Hospital
Courtesy MedStar Harbor Hospital

Baltimore residents suffering from behavioral health issues have a new facility reserved for them in Cherry Hill. Today, MedStar opened the doors to its new state-of-the-art inpatient behavioral health center housed within Harbor Hospital.

Maryland Hospitals Plagued by Hacking Scandal



Earlier this week, hackers disabled computer systems at MedStar hospitals, the second largest health care provider in Maryland.

Local Hospitals Plan to Add 1000 Entry-Level Jobs



One of the engines of the unrest that rocked Baltimore earlier this year was the economic despair and high unemployment in some Baltimore neighborhoods. In Sandtown-Winchester, Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, the unemployment rate is double that of the city as a whole–and the city itself already has an unemployment rate much higher than the national average.

A new initiative spurred by Baltimore-area hospitals is hoping to change some of these alarming statistics by hiring 1,000 entry-level workers for hospital jobs, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Mama Duck Leads Day-Old Ducklings from Medstar Harbor Hospital to Patapsco River



It’s so flapping sweet. They were born last Saturday, 10 fuzzy baby mallards, in the quiet refuge of the MedStar Harbor Hospital fountain enclosure. Hospital staff had been totally supportive and invested in the mother duck’s preceding nesting process, especially Mr. Bob Decker, the man in charge of facilities for the hospital, who’s now nicknamed Bob Ducker, incidentally… Following Decker’s compassionate lead, MedStar staff secured the courtyard location from trespass and provided food and water to honor the baby birdlings’ arrival.

Said arrival would bring big new maintenance challenges because ducklings can’t yet fly away home!