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How to Be Homeless

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University of Baltimore MFA student Lavonia Reid knows what it’s like to hop from shelter to shelter—and finally, she knows what it’s like to come home.

We weren’t always a family of four. We used to be a five-some: my mother, my father, my two younger brothers, and me. But that was before, before my father turned from a loving husband into a jailer—before he brought my mother down, not only with his fist but with his words. By the time we got out, the damage had been done.

What Twitter Can Tell Us About Mental Illness


Public health experts have turned to social media to get a sense of how the flu is spreading. But what can Twitter tell us about mental illnesses like PTSD, depression, and bipolar? Some Johns Hopkins scientists set out to find out.

Animal Hoarding Leads to Mass Burial of Over 200 Dogs Today


 A case of animal neglect is reaching its final end with the mass burial of the ashes of over 200 dogs at Baltimore Humane Society’s Nicodemus Memorial Park on today at noon.  Following a guilty verdict in Montgomery County District Court citing animal neglect, a Rockville woman was ordered to not have an animal for ten years.

Animal hoarding, considered a mental illness, is one of the worst forms of animal abuse that affects tens of thousands of animals in this country.  Hundreds of animals are often kept by the hoarder, often for years.  The animals are kept in appalling conditions contaminated with fecal matter and urine.  This neglect leads to malnutrition, untreated medical conditions including open sores, cancers, and advanced dental and eye diseases, and severe psychological distress.

According to the Animal Legal Defense League, a quarter million animals –250,000 per year– are victims of hoarders.  The League says that hoarding is the number one animal cruelty crisis facing companion animals in communities throughout the country.  Approximately 72% of hoarders are women and that the most common animal victims of hoarders are cats, followed by dogs.   Often animal hoarding is considered a mental health issue where good intentions have gone awry.

Judy Cahill, convicted in the Rockville case and now listed on Pet-Abuse.com, kept untold hundreds of dogs over a thirty year period.  The ashes being buried Tuesday in 200+ boxes are believed to be those of Cahill’s ‘favorite’ dogs.  The boxes were found in Cahill’s home. 

This Week in Research: Googling Mental Illness; Kidney Models



First, researchers figured out that they could use Twitter to track the progression of the flu in real time. Now they’re expanding that technique to crowd-source information about other problems, including mental health issues. The overall findings? Everyone feels a little more schizophrenic, OCD, and anxious in the wintertime.

This Week in Research: Mental Illness and Cancer; Saving Old Books

Johns Hopkins engineers use science to conserve old books with the Heritage Science for Conservation project.

Here’s a puzzle for you:  according to recent research out of Johns Hopkins, people with serious mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) are more than twice as likely to develop cancer. Why?