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Barbecue, Crab in 2017 Lineup of New Concessions at Camden Yards

A chicken tender sandwich topped with crab dip. Photo via Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles franchise is introducing some appetizing new options at Camden Yards just in time for Opening Day today, including new Chesapeake-style variations and barbecue.

Mayor Pugh, Two Others to Throw Out Ceremonial First Pitches on Opening Day

Courtesy Mayor Catherine Pugh/Twitter

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has been a cheerleader, a theater director, a publisher, a merchant and a politician.

Camden Pub Closes, While Crossbar Opens Near Oriole Park

Camden Pub in October 2015, via Google Street View

With Opening Day of the MLB season less than a week away, Orioles fans have one less bar to visit on Pratt Street, but one new megabar to patronize in South Baltimore.

Orioles Pick Pitcher Kevin Gausman as Opening Day Starter

Kevin Gausman in August 2015, when he still wore glasses on the mound. Photo via Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons.

The Orioles have tapped four-year veteran pitcher Kevin Gausman to kick off the season one week from today against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Five and Dime Ale House Opens in Hampden On Monday


Five and Dime Ale House

Hampden is getting a brand new, two-level sports bar starting next week.

Surveying the Scene: Opening Day 2013

Photo courtesy birdswatcher.com
Photo courtesy birdswatcher.com

“Happy Opening Day,” a customer shouts to Themar, the owner of a cafe on Pratt Street, as he heads out to door and into the spring morning. Themar waves back from behind the counter, smiling.

“Where are you working today?” Themar asks a woman in orange knee-high socks who is pressed up to the counter. Behind her, people who look like they are on their way to work eat breakfast and check email on laptops.

“Sliders,” she replies, taking hold of a carrier full of coffee. “We’ve been in since 6:30 this morning.”

Eat Your Heart Out, Cal Ripken



“I admire him not only for his talent, but for his constant determination day in and day out,” President Clinton once said about Cal Ripken, Jr. “He’s been loyal to his team, his fans, the community and professional sports every phase of his career. His determination and talent has been great for baseball and America.” Ripken’s streak of consecutive games famously lasted for 17 years, but I’m more impressed by 84-year old O’s fan Justin Vitrano, who can boast of a 59 year streak — he has been to every single opening day game since the Orioles came to Baltimore.

Baseball Damnation: Are the Orioles Actually Cursed?



My neighbor is a perpetual optimist. During the bleakest, hottest off-days of summer, he suits up in orange and khaki and heads down to the Inner Harbor to lead tours through the empty Orioles ballpark. Before the 2011 season began, he handed my one-year-old son his first Orioles uniform, wrapped in black and orange gift paper. For my wife and myself, he had a word of advice: this could be the year. They had just started farming a new pitching staff.

I was a little skeptical. I don’t know much about farming and I don’t know much about pitching. My wife and I hadn’t devoted ourselves financially to an O’s season since 2005. 2005 was the season of Sammy Sosa bobbleheads, Raphael Palmiero’s 3000th hit, and Mr. Sidney Ponson. The Orioles spent 62 days in first place. Then the bottom fell out. Sammy Sosa’s steroid-enhanced batting average deflated. Ponson was let go after his second DUI. One day after hitting 3000, the world learned that Palmiero had failed his urine test. And the Orioles finished fourth in their division, with 88 losses.

But 2011, my neighbor said, would be different. My son was wandering around wearing Oriole colors. People were whispering about the new ace, Brian Matusz. Besides, my neighbor is usually right about everything. His garden is perfect. He’s got a gas-fueled grill.