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Six Thousand Shoes: Road Scholar Campaign Reminds Text-Happy Hopkins Students to Cross with Care


Have you spotted the wall of yellow shoes hanging at St. Paul Street at 33rd? It’s quite stunning, actually. And hopefully a helpful reminder to student pedestrians not to text-step their way into oncoming traffic. JHU reports that at least two pedestrian accidents occurred monthly last year. The abundant display of shoes — ultimately, 3,000 pairs will perch in place, all gathered and spray-painted canary yellow by officials and volunteers — are part of a continuing JHU pedestrian safety campaign, in large part geared to stop “pedtextrians” from dreamily working their devices while they navigate an intersection. I wondered, why are certain random shoes painted bright white in the “Road Scholar” program’s wall-climbing array? Answer: They stand as a stark symbol of those pedestrians who were killed. Read more in Jill Rosen’s report in The Sun.