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Hot House: Mt. Vernon Storefront With Pink Flamingos Cameo Asks $150K


Hot House: 233 W. Read Street, Baltimore, 21201 MD

Triangular brick townhouse, circa 1900, with storefront. First-floor shop with trapdoor access to full, unfinished basement with half bath. Second-floor living room/kitchen. Third-floor full bath and bedroom. About 552 sq. ft. aboveground. Separate side entrance to living space. Good condition, all systems up to date. Forced air heat, no central air. Zoned for residential and commercial use, buyer will need commercial loan: $150,000 

“Kiddie Flamingos” Opens at the Baltimore Museum of Art Today

John Waters with the cast of Kiddie Flamingos.
John Waters with the cast of Kiddie Flamingos.

John Waters Cleans Up Classic Pink Flamingos to Make Family-Friendly Kiddie Flamingos’

After a summer criss-crossing the country to promote a restored version of his 1970 film Multiple Maniacs, filmmaker JohnWaters’ latest project is back in his hometown.

John Waters Remakes His Filthiest Movie–For Kids!



John Waters’ film “Pink Flamingos” is just as shocking, transgressive, and downright filthy today as it was when it came out in 1972. It’s pretty much the opposite of a children’s movie.

Johns Hopkins Invaded by Flamingos

Photo by Will Kirk/homewoodphoto.jhu.edu
Photo by Will Kirk/homewoodphoto.jhu.edu

I love how silly Johns Hopkins is getting these days. First there was that great April Fool’s Day prank; then it was the university’s president jumping rope and attempting traditional Indian dances. And now, it’s an invasion of… flamingos?

Divine’s Lost Underground Baltimore Movie “Vacancy”

Divine at age 12

The author of “Low Budget Hell:  Making Underground Movies with John Waters” shares the story of an attempt to make an underground movie in Baltimore called “Vacancy” by two Baltimore college student filmmakers shortly after the release of “Pink Flamingos” in 1972, in which Divine played a supporting role.  Though, tragically, never finished, the filmmakers greatly assisted Waters with “Female Trouble,” which they characterized as a “student film” so he could use facilities and students at the brand new film school at The University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Divine in Pink Flamingos

After making real money from Pink Flamingos, John could move to the next movie, Female Trouble.  His previous films had been made with the help of a moonlighting local TV news cameraman who would bring a “single-system” 16mm film camera to John’s shoots and set the exposure while John filmed with the ungainly camera mounted with a brace on his shoulder.  Single system film was designed strictly for news stories that cut from master scene to master scene and allowed only the most primitive editing.

Ode to the End of Summer: “It Was My Itsy-Bitsy Teenie Weenie…”


Baltimore-based fiction writer James Magruder remembers his life-changing summer of the (off-brand) Speedo.

Greetings from Corsica, a starkly beautiful Mediterranean island where young bucks fry their junk on nude beaches and old beppos who look as if they’ve swallowed basketballs are still rocking their Speedos — stretched across their tiny teabag heinies — well into their seventh and eighth decades.

I have never sunbathed naked. That would require extra inches and SPF 240, not to mention different parents, but I did wear a Speedo. Once.