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Eco-Conscious Vandals Sought After Pitcher’s Mound Prank at Md. High School

Photo via Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Some suspected senior pranksters at a high school about an hour outside of Baltimore made a brash landscaping adjustment to the school’s baseball field overnight on Friday.

Johns Hopkins’ Excellent April Fool’s Day Prank

Photo via JHU Hub
Photo via JHU Hub

Did the photo above make you do a double take? It probably took me a good 30 seconds before I realized the familiar image of the wall in front of Johns Hopkins’ Milton S. Eisenhower library was… a little bit off.

Baltimore Ad Agency Scares the Pants off Employees This Christmas


Halloween came a little late this year at Planit, a Baltimore-based ad agency. Every year, the company asks employees to appear in a cute video Christmas card. This time around, the mise-en-scene included more than a Christmas tree and Santa hats. Hiding inside a giant gift box was a freaky, zombie-looking elf waiting for the right moment to pop up and elicit screams from the caroling employees — on camera, of course!

The reactions really run the gamut. Some are so stoic you’d think that they would have been confused if a pointy-eared, ghoulish monster hadn’t jumped out of a Christmas present at exactly that moment. Others are absolutely horrified.