Photo via Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Some suspected senior pranksters at a high school about an hour outside of Baltimore made a brash landscaping adjustment to the school’s baseball field overnight on Friday.

Today, the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Department shared a photo on Facebook of a sapling planted in an obstructive location on the baseball field at the county’s flagship high school in Centreville. A second image more closely shows the perpetrators also carved “Earth Day 2017” into the dirt of the pitcher’s mound behind the newly planted tree.

Basic deduction skills would indicate one or several students thought that Friday, Earth Day, was the perfect time to carry out their planned senior prank. The sheriff’s department says the vandals struck that night sometime after dark and before 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 22, when the nuisance was reported.

Photo via Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Seeing a baby tree planted dead in the middle of a baseball field might seem funny (it is), but deputies aren’t laughing, given that the field was recently re-landscaped. “It’s likely the incident could be a ‘senior prank’ by several persons, however the damage could be over $2000 or more,” read the Facebook post.

The sheriff’s department added, “at the time of the report it was unknown if any water lines had been damaged.”

Another photo shows the pranksters foolishly spent $139.99 on a tree and then left the price tag at the scene, which could allow deputies to track down where exactly they bought it. Deputies are investigating.

Anyone with tips can call the sheriff’s office at 410-758-0770, email or message the department via its Facebook page.

This isn’t by any means the first vandalism incident of the year in Maryland, but it may be the only known one with an Earth Day theme. Other recent cases been more politically charged, mostly relating to how the perps feel about our new president. One even yielded flimsy hate crime charges for the malicious burning of a Trump yard sign in Somerset County, though those were promptly dropped.

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  1. This reminds me of a New Yorker magazine cartoon. I love the idea, but don’t like the execution. If these are in fact pranksters, maybe all involved will allow them to perform community service, i.e. gardening/landscaping for a non-profit?

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