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“Racist Anthem”: Francis Scott Key Statue Vandalized in Bolton Hill

Francis Scott Key Monument on Eutaw Place, pre-vandalism.

Is every statue of a racist a racist statue?

In the wake of a nationwide push to remove public monuments to the Confederacy, which prompted Baltimore to take down three Confederate statues and a monument to former U.S. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney under cover of night, an elaborate monument to “The Star-Spangled Banner” author Francis Scott Key was vandalized in Bolton Hill.

Eco-Conscious Vandals Sought After Pitcher’s Mound Prank at Md. High School

Photo via Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Some suspected senior pranksters at a high school about an hour outside of Baltimore made a brash landscaping adjustment to the school’s baseball field overnight on Friday.

Someone Terrorized Essex and Dundalk with a Pellet Gun Last Weekend

Photo of broken glass, via Wikimedia Commons

Baltimore County police are looking for one or multiple vandals who went trigger-happy with a pellet gun on parts of East and Southeast Baltimore County last weekend.

Someone Attacked Two Famous Country Singers’ Tour Bus Downtown Last Night

Courtesy Dan + Shay/Twitter

Country music duo Dan + Shay stopped in Baltimore yesterday for the ninth stop of their tour at Rams Head Live downtown. Unfortunately, the Nashville favorites encountered some trouble here in the city from someone who is not a fan and decided to show it by chucking a brick at the front windshield of their tour bus.

Top Stories This Week: Agora Acquires Two New Buildings, Susan Souders Obrecht Passes Away, $400K Flip of Hampden Home

Agora's new building
Agora’s new building

Ed Gunts’ “Urban Landscape” column with details about Agora’s acquisition of two buildings on Charles Street captivated the largest number of our readers this week. Click here to read about the renovation project and move-in, as well as other recent news in Baltimore real estate and development.

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After ‘Trump 2016’ Vandalism, Curtis Bay Company Donates Replacement Sign to Ellicott City Farm Stand

The new sign. Courtesy Chris Merdon.
The new sign. Courtesy Chris Merdon.

Last week, Steven Strauss, owner of Sign Central, Inc., was saddened to hear of a politically motivated act of vandalism against one of his business’s clients. Within 24 hours of Donald Trump being elected president, someone had gone out to Carroll Farm-to-Table along Route 144 and spray-painted “Trump 2016” in crude red script on the stand and its sign out front.

Ellicott City Farm Stand Vandalized with “Trump 2016”

Courtesy Chris Merdon
Courtesy Chris Merdon

This presidential election proved to be very ugly, with taunts and insults lobbed from both sides and an outcome that has rattled many Americans. But the aftermath is particularly unpleasant for Chris Merdon, who found that someone had spray-painted “Trump 2016” several times across his Ellicott City business sometime in the last day.

Better Get Some Vandalism Cameras to Surveil Those Speed Cameras


One population that hasn’t been falling in the Baltimore area is our population of speed cameras. We’ve got them in the city, and plenty more in the suburbs. Many speed cameras are kept inside vans parked at schools and work zones, among other locations.

And apparently there’s something significantly more frustrating about being caught speeding by a machine and sent a ticket in the mail than being pulled over the old-fashioned way, because the stationary cameras as well as the vans have been getting roughed up a bit lately.

One van on the Balt-Wash Parkway was smashed up by man wielding a shotgun and a A 50-year-old man in Ellicott City channeled his inner Dennis the Menace when he used a slingshot to pelt marbles at a speed van on Tuesday. Last year, on the Balt-Wash Parkway, a man grabbed a hammer and a shotgun and smashed the windshield of one of the vans.

Who Stole the M from Homeland, Baltimore?



We have to admit, this bit of creative vandalism made us snicker. (One question: Shouldn’t the E go, too?)

Historic illegal edits include Roland Park transformed to Rolaids Park and, more famously, a highway sign on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway reading “Welcome to Baltimore” extended by one word Hon — the “Hon Man” refreshed his lettering for 10 years’ time, serving as the inspiration for the publication, Welcome to Baltimore, Hon. What’s your favorite example of doctored signage about town? Let us hear.