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The River of No Return

Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho
Photo by Rex Parker, via Wikimedia Commons

On the occasion of Earth Day, I sat at my desk and reflected upon the Frank-Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho, where nine years ago I traveled by raft down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. I’d turned 50 a few months before and had begun to think in terms of bucket lists. I was with my husband and 6-year-old daughter. I wanted us to have a real wilderness experience before the wilderness was gone.

Event Pick: Get out and celebrate Earth Day

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

For all of its environmental challenges, Baltimore has some pretty breathtaking natural spaces, and plenty of enthusiastic environmentalists to help take care of the them. Today is your day to get out and join them with some cleaning and greening, or even just hanging out.

Eco-Conscious Vandals Sought After Pitcher’s Mound Prank at Md. High School

Photo via Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Some suspected senior pranksters at a high school about an hour outside of Baltimore made a brash landscaping adjustment to the school’s baseball field overnight on Friday.

Baltimore’s Water Wheel Sets a New Record

Before/after Harbor photo via @MrTrashWheel
Before/after Harbor photo via @MrTrashWheel

Baltimore’s much-admired water wheel, which traps trash in the Inner Harbor, captured 19 tons (TONS!!!) of trash and debris this Monday. That’s enough garbage to fill 6.5 dumpsters– the most it’s ever captured in one day.

Marine Filmmaker Bob Talbot at the National Aquarium for Earth Day


Earth Day lecture

catch of the day fish (2)For a while, there was the saying, “let’s make it Earth Day everyday.” And fair enough. Why shouldn’t we celebrate and remember how amazing and beautiful our planet is all year long. After all, we live on and rely on it every single day, right? Well, the Earth Day lecture at the National Aquarium will really make you wish it was Earth Day everyday, since they’re bringing in renowned marine filmmaker and photographer Bob Talbot. Talbot is not just an artist, he’s also an environmentalist, and will be speaking about the relationship between his art and his activism.

Power Your Home with Wind Energy from Clean Currents

Clean Currents1
Clean Currents helping Baltimoreans switch to wind power on Earth Day
Clean Currents3
Last fall’s ice cream social, hosted with Taharka Brothers

By now, most people have had the experience of driving down the highway and seeing, off in the distance, the tall white wind turbines that are beginning to dot the American landscape. In recent years, they’ve become the icon of renewable, sustainable energy—the promise of less pollution, fighting climate change, and pursuing energy sources that are safe for humans and the environment. Now Baltimoreans can enthusiastically jump on the green energy bandwagon with Clean Currents, a company making it possible for Baltimore residents to choose to power their homes exclusively through wind power. Now, this doesn’t mean that they come to your backyard (or porch, or stoop) and install a windmill that sends electricity into your house. Rather, it means that they buy energy from wind farms as close as Pennsylvania and send that through BGE’s power lines to your home. There’s no change in reliability of electricity, and you may be surprised to learn that BGE still maintains power lines and the flow of power to homes and businesses powered by Clean Currents. When you make the switch, your power remains uninterrupted, perfectly normal, but your household is just that much greener.

Baltimore’s 10th Annual Green Week


Green Week

catch of the day fish (2)It’s Earth Day. Which is a little funny since, when you live on Earth and haven’t really got any other options, everyday is Earth Day, in a sense. But certainly it’s good to set aside time to celebrate this planet we live on, and to remember the ways in which we can continue to care for it and to engage with all the natural wonders that are just outside our doors. Helping lead the charge is Baltimore Green Works, whose 10th Annual Green Week celebrations include everything from lunchtime bike rides and lectures, to tree identification walks and tastings of local foods.