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Smart People Get Prizes



There are plenty of prizes out there, and while it would be nice to win a Nobel, the award I dream of winning is the MacArthur. Just think about it: You don’t have to apply, you just get a phone call one day informing you that you’ve won $625,000–no strings attached. Oh, and now everyone has to call you a genius. While a number of Baltimore-based folks have won the prize in recent years, this year no local profs were on the list. But one of the honorees does have different strong ties to Johns Hopkins.

Hopkins Cancer Researcher Wins World’s Richest Academic Prize — and $3 Million



Nobel, schmobel:  those stingy Swedes only give away $1.4 million with their award. The real prize in the academic world is the new Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, which has a more boring name but a more exciting check:  $3 million, the largest academic prize in the world. So congrats to Johns Hopkins professor of oncology and pathology Bert Vogelstein, who’s one of this year’s winners.

Johns Hopkins Students Are the Nation’s Best Inventors


When I was an undergraduate, I wrote bad poems and had a radio show. So while I admire the team of Johns Hopkins undergraduate students who just took home the top prize (and $12,500!) in the 2012 Collegiate Inventors Competition, I’m a little bit mad at them for making me feel bad about myself.