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Leave Your Snark in the Car, Baltimore: “Dance Walk” Starts Tomorrow


Charlotte Hayes Murray, owner of Charlotte Elliott and the Bookstore Next Door in Hampden, caught the “Dance Walk” YouTube video floating around Facebook — in which LXTV NBC reporter Ben Aaron boogies Fifth Avenue to pumping music, mirroring an anonymous disco-dancing man, eventually getting packs of random strangers involved in the dorky/euphoric act — and immediately forwarded the footage to other Hampden-based friends and shop owners.

Hays Murray and her friends challenged more friends to meet at the Druid Park Reservoir and dance one circuit together. The first Dance Walk event in Baltimore’s history happened last rainy Tuesday.

“I sent [the video] to Angela Grube (owner of 9th Life) and showed it to my friend Jannel Cannady, and we were all enthused,” Hays Murray says. “We had been talking about dieting and weight loss and how boring it was to work out. This sounded like something we could totally do and stick to, and Druid Park Reservoir seemed like a perfect place to do it. I am sure there are plenty of groove master dance walkers in Charm City, just like the groove master guru in the video, but to my knowledge this is the first [official] group Dance Walking Team.”