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How a Handful of People Turned Rio into Baltimore for One Instant

Still via NBC.
Still via NBC.

I’ll give you a hint: it happened during the singing of the national anthem.

Michael Phelps Wins 19th Gold Medal



With one of his fastest split times ever, and “probably the best turn that might have ever been done,” the most decorated Olympian earned another decoration.

Michael Phelps Will Be U.S. Flag Bearer in Rio Opening Ceremonies



For flag bearer at the Rio Olympics opening ceremonies, U.S. Athletes have a chosen the Olympian sitting on more gold than a doomsday prepper.

Ellicott City Teen Heads to Olympic Swim Trials



Ellicott City’s Jake Lamparella, 19, is one of 100 swimmers fighting it out for two open spots on Team USA.

But If Michael Phelps Is Retired for Real, Why Is He Training?

via Huffington Post
via Huffington Post

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. It would be exciting if the Pete’s-Grille-loving, Olympic-gold-medal-collecting, Baltimore-area native Michael Phelps were going to return to competitive swimming. Initially, Phelps said he wasn’t coming back. Come summer, he was more vague. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future,” he told The Associated Press. Less than a week ago, he was more definitive, telling a TV station in Maine, “I’m retired.”

But his coach Bob Bowman just told a French news agency that the greatest Olympian of all time is “doing sessions” at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. “I don’t know if that translates into a comeback,” he added.