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Sample Sake this Saturday at PABU


Everyone loves a good ‘ol fashioned wine tasting.  You learn more about different types of wine, you learn more about your pallet, and you have an excuse to let it go to your head for a little bit.  Wine’s Asian cousin, sake, is often overlooked, both in terms of consumption and study, in our western culture.  It’s a tragedy, really.  Like wine, cheap sake is bitter and burns as it goes down, and a solid sake will be smooth and complex.  Unlike wine, sake is not fermented rice; in its creation it bears more of a similarity to beer in that it is brewed.  Never has rice carried such a delightful buzz. 

Charm City Cook: PABU


PABU: Fabulous Japanese food and an expansive sake selection in the Four Seasons Hotel – in the coolest neighborhood in B’more, Harbor East. Sure my ‘hood of Hampden is cool in its own quirky way, but Harbor East is actually like, schwank cool. It’s the land of the beautiful people (sorta like the luxury wing at Towson Town Center…Louis Vuitton…seriously?), has lovely water views and some really great restaurants, including PABU. But, don’t be intimidated here, hon.