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Featured Listings from the Whit Harvey Group



The Whit Harvey Group sells homes. Fast. They’re tapped into the Baltimore real estate market and put experience to work in getting the job done strategically. Here’s a little behind the scenes in how they work:

Looking to sell your home this spring?


Established in the mid 90s, the Whit Harvey Group has averaged over $45 million in annual sales – and over 100 homes per year, proof of their commitment to providing the highest level of professional service.

When Buying or Selling a Home, Select at Least Three Agents to Interview and Then…


Smart sellers should interview a number of real estate agents in order to find the best fit. Finding someone through referral or reputation is a good start. Experience is key.

So you’ve done your research, selected at least 3 agents to interview – what should you look for next?

How to Sell a House: 4 New Rules That Can Make or Break a Sale


The Whit Harvey Group is real estate done right, selling all of their spring listings promptly or before they’ve hit the market.  If you’re considering selling your home and want a transparent assessment from an agent with a successful track record, give Whit a ring.

And for tips on selling your home, check out this article by Daniel Bortz for Realtor.com:

These days, knowing how to sell a house isn’t as simple as sticking a “For Sale” sign on your lawn. Times have changed—and the good news is the market is largely tilting in your favor.

Coping with Your Parents’ Estate Furnishings


A hard truth that those of us in our 50s and 60s will soon learn is this: Nobody wants our parents’ stuff — not even the kids. Many boomers charged with disposing of the family heirlooms are unprepared for this reality.*