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Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law is Now on the Books in Maryland

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Small firms in Maryland with at least 15 employees are now required to offer them paid sick leave under a new law enacted yesterday.

Md. Senate Votes to Delay Sick Leave Bill’s Implementation Until July

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Maryland’s new paid sick leave law is nearly on the books, but a proposal to delay its implementation until the summer has advanced in Annapolis.

Gov. Hogan Will Fulfill His Pledge to Veto the Paid Sick Leave Bill that Finally Passed

Still via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

Making good on a two-month old promise, Maryland’s governor today vetoed a bill that would have required small businesses across the state to give employees paid sick leave.

A 2017 Legislative Obituary: Cannabis Licensing Expansion, Internet Privacy, Immigrant Sanctuary Policy, Polystyrene Ban

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The Maryland General Assembly enjoyed a productive 2017 session, with lawmakers from both parties working across the aisle and with Gov. Larry Hogan to craft new laws shaping Maryland’s environmental, school funding and even cownose ray-hunting policies. However, there were some notable fallen soldiers.

Maryland, You Might Finally Get Sick Leave



In Germany, employees are entitled to up to six weeks of paid sick leave. In the U.S., not so much.

Harford County Teacher Fighting Cancer Campaigns to Share Colleagues’ Sick Days



Dominic Selvi, 34, has taught music at Forest Lakes Elementary School for eight years now. Selvi, a popular personality at the school, was going about his busy, young, musical life as usual last December when he was diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer. Selvi — an Abington resident and Fallston High School grad — is also the sole breadwinner for his wife and two children, one of whom has autism that requires a good deal of medical intervention. So, this devastating health news — as we know, advanced cancer requires drastic, debilitating, time-consuming treatment — hit home on every possible level.

That’s why the inventive Selvi this week petitioned the members of the Harford County Board of Education to allow his fellow educators to donate their accrued sick days so that Selvi can gather enough time off for treatment and rest. That’s also why his fellow faculty members are beyond eager to help, like Superintendent Robert Tomback who signed away a significant chunk of time to the cause: