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Good to Be Bad: Five Decadent Ways to Look and Feel Better



Baltimore-based aesthetician Arika Casebolt knows good skin in every season.

American beauty culture is teeming with rules. Always do this, never do that, and for the love of God, don’t ever do the other, and herein lies the rub, literally and figuratively. Americans in general take very little time for massage, facials and other bodycare; in my experience over the last decade, well over half my clients view getting facials as a special treat rather than a legitimate practice for their overall epidermal health. What’s more, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 60 countries far surpass us in vacation time, whether paid or unpaid, and anyone who has ever worked in a service profession knows that there’s a tacit implication that it’s noble to work while sick, despite all evidence to the contrary. We get less sleep than most countries’ citizens, thus cementing Americans in our position among the least kind to our collective epidermis, instead always searching for the quickest fix.

Homemade Exfoliants for Autumn


Baltimore-based aesthetician Arika Casebolt knows good skin in every season.

Ah, autumn in Baltimore. So fleeting. So…schizophrenic. One day I’m putting away my summery clothes and reacquainting myself with cashmere cardigans, the next it’s 86 degrees again. For one day. Thanks to the bipolar nature of our local weather, Baltimoreans must be prepared to show some skin, during three of the four (alleged) seasons. Enter rejuvenating exfoliants. (Find a great homemade recipe after the jump.)

Cool Girl Baltimore: Drummer/Aesthetician Arika Casebolt Moves to a Beautiful Beat



In a recent past life, aesthetician Arika Casebolt drummed in D.C. bands Circus Lupus (Dischord Records), Antimony, and the Whips, plus Baltimore’s Resistoleros and the Divining Rod. Still performing steadily in the early 2000s, the jade-eyed, porcelain-skinned Gen-X stunner trained her rhythm to beauty science, working at spas like Natural Body in Arlington, Virginia, and ultimately scoring her dream gig at Bluemercury on Dupont Circle. Three years later, a serious accident sent her home to Madison, Wisconsin, to recuperate quietly while managing a Clarins counter and copy-editing to make ends meet. We’re lucky she chose to bounce back in Baltimore, where she lives in Reservoir Hill with her journalist husband Bret McCabe and provides affordable holistic skincare at the Chop Shop in Hamilton. I talked to Arika about skincare in cooler months, and snagged nutrition advice for great skin year-round.