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Slot Machines at BWI?



The last time I was in the Las Vegas airport, I lost $2 on a slot machine. It was not a particularly thrilling experience. If all goes according to one legislator’s plan, soon travelers passing through BWI may have the option to lose a similar (or even larger!) amount of money.

Baltimore Casino Has a $1 Million Slot Machine



Slot machines are the worst kind of gambling. They draw you in with their flashing lights and goofy themes, but require nothing more of you than your ability to sit on a stool and spend increasing amounts of money. There’s none of the mathematics, bluffing, or complex decision-making required by actual card games. So the idea of a slot machine that costs $500 to play once is, frankly, a little horrifying to me.

New Casino in Arundel Mills: “Slots, Slots, and More Slots”


The Maryland Live! Casino at Arundel Mills Mall is set to open next week. At 10 p.m. — on June 6th — Maryland Live (plus that terrible little exclamation point at the end) will become Maryland’s third operating casino, along with Ocean Downs in Worcester and Hollywood Casino in Cecil County.

Maryland Live! is the most recent of several new casinos, but not for long — two more, one in Baltimore City and one in Alleghany — have already been approved and are scheduled to open in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

(One of Tuesday’s Links will take you to yet another announcement for a Maryland Casino.)

Maybe it’s just the fact that I went on a lot of movie dates at Arundel Mills Mall in eighth grade (I even bought my first band tee from the mall’s Hot-Topic), but the news — not to mention the proximity of this new casino — is starting to make me think a lot about what the gambling industry can mean to a community.