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Brown Soda Raises Cancer Risk, Johns Hopkins Says



I’m never going to be able to fully enjoy a Diet Coke again after reading this news out of Johns Hopkins: The chemical that makes soda brown also has the unfortunate side effect of basically being a carcinogen

Diet Coke Makes You Fat, Johns Hopkins Says



Last week I posted about a Johns Hopkins study that indicated that a jolt of caffeine can help out with long-term memory. My poison of choice is coffee (mmm, coffee!), but I figured given the parameters of the study that any other caffeinated beverage would serve just as well. Black tea? Sure! Diet Coke? Why not?

Well, now I can tell you why not: Another set of research out of Johns Hopkins shows that overweight adults who drink diet soda aren’t actually cutting down on their calorie consumption. That’s because they tend to overcompensate for the calories “saved” by drinking, say, a Diet Dr Pepper instead of a regular Dr Pepper, and eat more at their next meal.