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Steve Smith Is Raffling Off His Game-Worn Cleats To Help Domestic Violence Victims

Courtesy House of Ruth Maryland

Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith has had a great season, defying the odds against him as the NFL’s oldest wide receiver and helping his team to arrive on solid ground with four games left in the year. Amid that success, Smith has been using his high profile to raise awareness for a cause that he’s very passionate about.

Ravens Player Gets So Good at Twitter That He Quits It


As any internet addict out there could tell you, it’s easy to get compulsive about your social media consumption. Those endlessly scrolling feeds, those little blasts of inane information… it’s soothing and pleasurable all at the same time. So I can relate to Ravens receiver Steve Smith, who announced this week that he was quitting his very popular Twitter feed.

Watch Raven Steve Smith Totally Blow 7-Year-Old Fan’s Mind


Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 3.53.24 PM

Last week, the Baltimore Ravens snapped up former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith, much to the chagrin of Smith’s number one fan, 7 year-old Gavin Simone.

Gavin’s dad filmed his son sobbing about the loss of his favorite player, and because the video had that mix of adorable kid being kinda funny/heart-string tugging emotion, it quickly went viral. So viral, in fact, that Smith himself saw it. “It touched me a little bit,” Smith said, according to ESPN. “He was bawling. He had the ugly face cry.” So Smith decided to cheer his young fan up with a surprise visit… on national TV.