Watch Raven Steve Smith Totally Blow 7-Year-Old Fan’s Mind

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Last week, the Baltimore Ravens snapped up former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith, much to the chagrin of Smith’s number one fan, 7 year-old Gavin Simone.

Gavin’s dad filmed his son sobbing about the loss of his favorite player, and because the video had that mix of adorable kid being kinda funny/heart-string tugging emotion, it quickly went viral. So viral, in fact, that Smith himself saw it. “It touched me a little bit,” Smith said, according to ESPN. “He was bawling. He had the ugly face cry.” So Smith decided to cheer his young fan up with a surprise visit… on national TV.

Watch the clip of Gavin meeting his idol — and getting a whole bunch of new Ravens swag — below. It’s adorable.

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