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Top Stories: A Surprising Surprise Party, Sinking Boats in Fells Point, Dan Bell Profiled in The New York Times


Marion Winik’s tale of a well-planned, but nearly disastrous surprise party for her son was Baltimore Fishbowl’s most beloved read this week. In her August installment, titled “Surprise Party Surprise,” Marion effortlessly describes the complications that arose from trying to corral 25 or so of her son Vince’s best friends, hauling them up to Brooklyn, picking the perfect food, refreshments and desserts and, perhaps most importantly, finding the ideal spot for a party.

As it turns out, the perfect-sounding Airbnb that his girlfriend rented was too good to be true. (The supposed host wasn’t even real.) Luckily, the team of her son’s loved ones and friends pulled it off at the last second, finding a bar and an empty studio apartment to celebrate his 27th year of life.

Here were the nine other most-read stories from the last seven days:

Johns Hopkins Graduate Gets Surprise Visit from Dad Serving in Afghanistan

Photo via the Hopkins Hub
Photo via the Hopkins Hub

This story is adorable, though it probably didn’t start out that way for Johns Hopkins senior Amanda Valledor. According to the Hopkins Hub, during yesterday’s commencement exercises, Valledor was told that her diploma had been misplaced, and that she’d have to wait around for a university staffer to find it for her. But the guy who actually showed up bearing her diploma was her dad, Colonel John Valledor, back on a surprise visit from his military service in Afghanistan. The two hadn’t seen each other in person in 14 months!

Watch Raven Steve Smith Totally Blow 7-Year-Old Fan’s Mind


Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 3.53.24 PM

Last week, the Baltimore Ravens snapped up former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith, much to the chagrin of Smith’s number one fan, 7 year-old Gavin Simone.

Gavin’s dad filmed his son sobbing about the loss of his favorite player, and because the video had that mix of adorable kid being kinda funny/heart-string tugging emotion, it quickly went viral. So viral, in fact, that Smith himself saw it. “It touched me a little bit,” Smith said, according to ESPN. “He was bawling. He had the ugly face cry.” So Smith decided to cheer his young fan up with a surprise visit… on national TV.