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Civil Rights Groups Accuse Baltimore Police of Unlawful Use of ‘Stingray’ Cellphone Tracker



The Center for Media Justice, Color of Change, and the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute have filed a 38-page complaint to the Federal Communications Commission over the Baltimore Police Department’s use of stingray cellphone surveillance devices.

If You Use Your Phone, You’re OK Being Surveilled Maryland AG Says



Maryland’s use of Stingray cellphone tracking technology caused quite a bit of controversy when it became public knowledge last year. But Brian E. Frosh, Maryland’s attorney general, thinks the drama is overblown.

Was “The Wire” TOO Accurate?



You’ve probably heard about the recent revelations that Baltimore Police has used a high-tech form of cell phone surveillance thousands of times over the past eight years. The story was all over the news last week. But it seems as though the creators of The Wire knew about it more than a decade ago.